The beginning

Posted On November 13, 2019

Taking a journey down memory lane of what 3CH0 Esports has come to be, even though these memories in this moment are not so far away, a lot has lead to this point. So allow me to take it back for a second to the beginning.

In the beginning there were two brothers with a dream and a name, 3CH0! D3M0N1C3CH0 aka my brother and I the narrator of the story (F4LL3N) devised a plan to take over Gears of War and out perform every competitive clan playing for the game at the time. This was the heyday of Esports and it’s growth to popularity. The dream died down slowly as we were just children with an abundant amount of time to play video games, as video games were a major part of our family and bond as brothers.

Fast forward many years, I’ve played many games outside of Gears, but always representing the name F4LL3N3CH0. The 3CH0 in me was always there, even when me and my brother transitioned away from similar game types. Him to Fortnite myself to Overwatch we still shared this name as a bond. I would go on to try and establish 3CH0 to its once former glory. Time after time with no success, until one day a game named FRAG appeared in my recommended games on Google Play. By this time my closest experience to what I considered a good mobile game was Guns of Boom, whom myself Phoenix and Metal played together, I showed them FRAG and they decided to give it a shot. We all enjoyed the game but I became addicted, to the community, the games style, the characters you name it. I knew something was special about the game, though I had no clue what would happen next.

In my adventures playing FRAG I met a player by the name of Blackhawk, who was the leader of Cypress Esports, I met many amazing players and people in Cypress, especially two others whom are Impostr and Gritty. You may recognize these names, there are many others I could mention but these names hold a special place in 3CH0’s history. I would go on to climb the leaderboards and with the help of Cypress I was awarded recognition through the community. At this point it was only a matter of time before I started meeting extremely skilled players in the game looking to join 3CH0 on it’s way to the sky. The first of these names being JTR.

Fast forwarding a little in this story, Cypress and 3CH0 decided to join forces to create the name you all know and love 3CHO Esports, during this transition we met more amazing people along the way. One day I’m in discussions with many of my close friends within the club and we came to the conclusion that this is the perfect storm. With our accumulated passion, knowledge in many various aspects of life as well as the ever growing mobile gaming communities and developers, that we should turn this club into a company to provide a dream to the family we developed. This dream has seen many names and faces, some who have been here from the beginning Like our very own Kevster, who worked hard and proved his loyalty and passion. There were others like Panda and 6ix6od who unfortunately due to circumstance had to part ways with our business team, but never lost their 3CH0 love.

There is something great to be said about every owner here and the way they came into this company, so allow me to touch on all twelve for a moment in no particular order.

Blackhawk is amazing at seeing things from all perspectives, though he fights passionately for everything he believes to be the truth with an unwavering aggression that can only be swayed by hard evidence. I couldn’t ask for a better President.

Gritty holds so much love in his heart but always thinks logically, at the same time his work ethic is outstanding. With his knowledge in Esports and his love for the industry these traits make him a powerful CGO.

Hobs is a go getter with a heart of gold, he is cold and analytical like a well oiled machine while still maintaining a deep understanding of what makes a person tick, his ability to balance knowledge with perspective make him an extraordinary CKO.

JTR can be the sweetest person you’ve ever met, but he is a realist with a passion for success, never afraid of being cut throat and speaking his mind. With JTR as the CCO I know the world will see us.

Trojan is extremely organized, level headed and passionate about everything he involves himself in, his organization and dedication has been key to much of 3CH0s success as secretary, which is one of the toughest jobs to perform at his level of quality within the corporate realm.

Rynem is extraordinarily intelligent, hardworking and goal oriented. When working on a task he will give you all the information you need to know along with a deadline, generally finishing before said deadline with excellent quality. As the COO our family is in good hands.

Cobra is quick witted, funny and extremely good with money. His natural magnetism is phenomenal and he has a deep understanding of life mixed with talented business savvy. CFO is just his day job at night he’s FRAG X.

Wrath is the gentle giant and the sleeping beast, he has so much passion inside him and he always thinks outside the box. With Wrath being our CBO we’re guaranteed to reach for the moon and land on Mars.

Lex has a brain built for logic and a heart that soars with a passionate desire to fulfill his dreams. He has the heart of everyone on his mind when making decisions and that makes him an amazing CCM.

Impostr has the brain for analysis, his number crunching skills are powerful and his potential is through the roof. He has a twisted sense of humor and a hardened past, but underneath the humor is one of the most genuine humans I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Kevster at the helm of our Risk Management department is a strong leader with the relentless energy to match, his opinions are strong and only challenged by hard facts and experience. He always has 3CH0s best interests at heart and has no problem being vocal about it.

Now with this information understand that most of these traits actually correlate to each one of us, the owners, the staff, the mods, the pros, the members, the good, the bad, everything that makes up our powerful family and the future we hold together. Some of us more to one side or the other, but regardless there is a link, an unconditional acceptance of anyone who is a decent person regardless of their past, or the struggles they might face in life. “From the top of the world all you’ll hear is an 3CH0” – Hobs

What started as a dream between two brothers bound by blood turned to a reality shared by twelve brothers. We promise nothing but the stars 3CH0 now, then and as always 3CH0 Forever!




  1. Hobs 2.0

    A brief testament to the Journey. It’s been a pleasure walking alongside you, and I look forward to the long path ahead my Brother.

  2. Razor-x

    I have been here since the get go and seen all of this mostly come to pass…. I believe that this could not had been written better my brother fallen! Even though I am not an owner, I have always felt like one of the gang as if i was! Thanks for the Passed and the future ride Were on! Mad crazzy love! 3ch0 forever

  3. 3cho Azreal

    What an incredible story and I thank you all for allowing me to be apart of this adventure!!


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