The simple, easy way to monetise your content creation on YouTube and Twitch through user engagement.

Your Community.

Quest Mode is a platform that gives you the opportunity to participate in microsponsorships without you needing to go looking for them.

It gives you, and your community, the power to support your stream and content just by engaging with any of the Quests from our list.  All you have to do, is engage your community and through you, they can earn free subscriptions to their favourite Twitch streamers and more!

The Journey

The most asked question we get is “What is QuestMode?”.  Put simply, QuestMode is your platform to monetise your stream through user engagement.  Your fans want to support you but often, they can’t afford to.  That’s where this platform comes in.  By simply downloading apps from the QuestMode fan page and completing tasks within the apps themselves, they earn free subscriptions on Twitch for themselves, and free tips for you.

Free Tips

As an influencer, tips are where alot of your income comes from on Twitch.  With the help of QuestMode, you can start earning these without your fans having to spend a cent!

Free Subscriptions

When someone clicks that subscribe button, they are choosing to pay you for your streaming greatness!  Some people would, but can’t afford to.  Now they can!

Raffle Prizes

Whilst your fans earn sub points, they also earn Quest Points.  These can be redeemed for raffle tickets with prizes ranging from cash to free tech!

Your Dashboard

When you send your fans to your QuestMode fan link, you can set which quests are available to them.  Your dashboard is where you can see the offers available, the rewards from those offers and how much you have earned in the latest period.
Through this dashboard, you can also award free twitch subscriptions to your channel if you’ve had sub points donated.

Your Fan Page

Through your personal fan link, your fans will be given quests.  These quests can be registering for specific trials or downloading an app.  Once an app has been downloaded, there will be certain tasks within to complete.  Each task will have a certain reward attached to it.  A free $4.99 sub to any Twitch channel of their choice costs just 2000 sub points!