3CH0 Worldwide Competition


Imagine an 3CH0 coffee mug with the Eiffel tower as a backdrop, the San Francisco bridge, the Great wall of China.  All over the world there are members of 3CH0.
We want the best photos you can get with these landmarks for use on social media!  So put on that merch and get out there to find that perfect shot!  Camera shy?  How about you get creative?  Hold up your 3CH0 hat so it looks like the lion at the zoo is wearing it instead!


– Photos MUST contain Original 3ch0 merch Purchased or gifted from http://3ch0.shop

– The 3ch0 logo prominently featured within all Photo submissions.
– Photo should try to have some sort of landmark or sign showing where it was taken.
– Registration for the competition and Photo Upload is done at https://www.3ch0esports.com/3ch0worldwide
– NO nudity or any illegal activity may take part in the Photos.

First Place

The winner of the competition will receive $100 USD!  Their submission will also be plastered across our social media as the winner.

Second Place

Our 2nd favourite photo will receive $50 USD.  Your submission will be posted on social media over the competition period.

Third Place

The person in third place will receive $20 USD and their submission will be seen across our social media platforms.

Max file size 10mb